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Genome‐wide association studies (GWAS) analysis using R (online)

Price: $998

Association studies are a common approach used to find SNPs or genome regions that contribute to a specific disease/trait by testing for a correlation between the genomic markers and the traits of interest (disease status, milk yield, sowing to harvest time…). If an association is present, a particular SNP allele or haplotype will be seen more often than expected by chance in an individual carrying the trait.

There are two major kinds of association studies in the genomic field:

  1. Hypothesis-driven studies: When we have a list of candidate markers (for instance all the SNPs within a gene, pathway  or  chromosomal location, previous experiments, or literature review etc)
  2. Non Hypothesis-driven studies: Genome wide association study (GWAS), Whole genome/exome sequencing (WGS, WES)

Despite its popularity association studies are challenging, as the statistical analyses must be performed carefully to avoid false positives. This course aims to be a roadmap for conducting genetic analyses in all species from scratch using R, by providing theoretical background and hands‐on experience. In order to make genome association analysis more accessible to researchers without formal bioinformatics training.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with R is required. If you lack R experience we encourage you to take our R course before joining our GWAS analysis course.

Learning objectives:

Learn to perform hypothesis-driven association studies including:

  • Descriptive analysis
  • HWE test
  • Association analysis
  • Haplotype Analysis

 Learn to perform GWAS including:

  • Quality control
  • Association analysis
  • Population stratification
  • Multiple comparisons
  • Manhattan plots
  • Creation of Polygenic Risk Scores

Duration ( 3 days 5 hours per day)

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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