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Linux® for Biologists I (On demand)

We are running this course in several locations (in different languages). If you do not see a venue near you or cannot attend the course near you but would like to be kept up to date or explore the possibility of running an extra course please contatct us.

This Linux® course will introduce you to the main concepts and most commonly used commands in
life sciences (file manipulation, pipe facilities, editors, process monitoring, basic file and text
searching utilities, etc.)

We believe small groups enhance the learning experience and we use examples from real-life datasets. Participants will be provided with a virtual environment in a USB data stick, containing the pipelines created throughout the course, so that you can take them and use them in your lab.


Scope and Topics

  • Introduction to Linux® operating system
  • Getting started navigating the file system
  • Manipulating files and directories (Files and permissions)
  • Working with text files (e.g. FASTQ)
  • Archives and compression
  • Redirection and pipes
  • Accessing remote servers and files
  • Grep and regular expressions (regex)
  • Useful commands in bioinformatics


Learning objectives
Following this course, participants should achieve a basic understanding and actual skills using
Linux® to search, retrieve and manipulate files and directories in this operating system. Use remote
sessions to connect to servers through the network.

Who should attend – This course is aimed at researchers who want to learn to use Linux® and want
to feel comfortable working with the command line to make the most of large datasets. No other


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Tell a colleague about this course. Copy the following URL:

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No classes currently scheduled (contact us to request a class).
Course has been removed.