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LabCoat Live: SmartStart™ Training for the Expi293™ Expression System

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P/N: TRN00351

Price: $2750

(Includes the Expi293 Expression System Kit, Cat. No. A14635)

Learn the fundamentals of expressing proteins using the Expi293 Expression System by reviewing key features of the system components and identifying the workflow steps where optimal cell culture techniques will maximize your results.  This course provides professional, interactive education via online lecture(s) and a self-paced hands-on lab experiment using provided protocol(s) and reagents. At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Outline the full Expi293 Expression workflow and identify the key components of the system and when, how and why to use each one. 
  • Apply optimal techniques for thaw, subculture and transfection of mammalian suspension cells like Expi293F™ cells to maximize cell health and protein expression levels.
  • Demonstrate best practices for efficient protein harvest and accurate detection and quantitation of the yield.
  • Identify the workflow steps where optimization will have the most impact to improve future expression results.

Tuition includes:

  • Four live interactive online lectures, each 60-90 minutes depending on topic
  • 2 months of access to the class webpage, including downloadable notes and protocols, videos and support guides for experiment setup, and a dedicated question and answer forum to get questions answered quickly
  • Expi293 Expression System Kit (Cat. No. A14635) containing all the key reagents needed to perform the course protocols.  

(Note: Please inquire if you have already purchased the kit and are interested in Training only.)

Additional required materials:

The participant must have access to basic cell culture lab equipment (CO2 Incubator, Biosafety cabinet, orbital shaker, centrifuge, pipet aids, etc.) and provide some accessory reagents and consumables (Erlenmeyer flasks, sterile pipets, protein detection and/or quantitation reagents, etc.).  In addition, participants will need a computer with internet access and minimum system requirements.


This is an intermediate course and assumes functional knowledge of basic cell culturing techniques and familiarity with basic molecular biology processes including the methodology of protein expression. 


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