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LabCoat Live: Introduction to Gene Expression Analysis using the ΔΔCt Method

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P/N: A30851

Price: $300

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for anyone interested in learning more about studying gene expression using the ΔΔCt (RQ) method of analysis. The course consists of two interactive online lectures, a class website with step-by-step experiment setup guides, a dedicated web discussion board to get questions answered quickly, and a self-paced lab experiment designed to be performed using the provided reagents and protocol.


Participants must have access to an Applied Biosystems™ Real-Time PCR Instrument (7900HT Fast, QuantStudio™ series, 7500 series, StepOne™/StepOnePlus™, or ViiA™ 7 Real-Time PCR System), as well as materials necessary to set up a qPCR experiment (optical plates and adhesive covers, aerosol-resistant filter tips, pipettes, gloves, racks, vortex, microfuge tubes). In addition, participants will need a computer with Internet access and minimum system requirements.

This class assumes attendees have prior knowledge of basic molecular biology concepts, including endpoint (conventional) PCR.

Course Description:

Participants can expect to learn:

  • The gene expression experimental process, including experimental design choices and important validation steps for accurate results
  • How to perform a basic gene expression experiment using our protocol and the reagent kit that we ship to you
  • Whether to use the DDCt Method or the Relative Standard Curve for data analysis
  • How to analyze data using the DDCt Method

Price includes two 1.5-hour interactive online lectures, 1 month of access to class webpage (including downloadable notes and protocol, support videos, question and answer forum), and starter kit (includes reagents needed to perform the course’s protocol).

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